How to win the World Cup title

A week before the World Cups final in Brazil, the football world is once again divided over the merits of France’s performance against Spain. But for some, it’s the way the French players performed that matters. As the two sides look to claim their first title, it is now up to the world’s most successful side to […]

Brazil World Cup: Brazil fans celebrate victory

Brazilians celebrate their World Cup victory with a parade in Brasilia on Thursday.The crowd was chanting “Brazil!” and “God Save Brazil!” and waving flags and placards.As the ball dropped in the 13th minute, hundreds of Brazilians celebrated on the streets in Sao Paulo, Sao Paulo’s Olympic Stadium and Rio’s Olympic stadium.At the other end of […]

What we know about the US-China rivalry

A month after China’s Tiananmen Square massacre, US officials are urging Beijing to end a practice of “massacre tourism” and instead focus on the safety and security of Americans and their families.But it’s a sentiment that many in the United States, including President Donald Trump, have not taken to heart.The United States and China have […]

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