The 2014 FIFA World Cup in Brazil was the pinnacle of the sport’s global expansion, and it marked the beginning of the end of the competition’s era of dominance.

Now, soccer fans across the globe are looking to relive some of its greatest moments, from its greatest champions to its most controversial.

Here are the most notable moments that will be remembered during the next World Cup.1.

1998 World Cup: Portugal beat Brazil 2-0 in the last-16 to advance to the quarterfinals.

Brazil had beaten Italy 2-1 in the first leg and France 2-2 in the second.

In the match’s final minute, Neymar scored a sensational goal from the penalty spot after a Brazilian defender fell awkwardly.2.

2012 World Cup and FIFA World Player of the Year: Lionel Messi, Barcelona.

At the time, the Brazilian forward was the top-ranked player in the world, and the match in Brazil marked his biggest ever international achievement.

Messi also became the first player to score 100 goals in a World Championship, the most for a player since Lionel Messi in 1990.3.

2003 World Cup final: Argentina won 3-2 against Germany.

It marked Argentina’s third straight World Cup victory, and was the first time the country had won a major tournament in its history.4.

2014 FIFA Women’s World Cup title: France.

The French squad defeated Germany 3-1 to win the tournament for the first and only time.5.

2011 FIFA World Youth Cup final, 4-3: Brazil beat Argentina 1-0 to win its first World Youth Championship title.6.

2012 FIFA World Women’s Championship title: Spain.

After winning the tournament, it became the most-watched World Cup finals in history.7.

1994 FIFA World Club World Cup, 2-3-1: Spain defeated Portugal 2-4 in a penalty shootout to advance.8.

2008 FIFA World Cups, 2 vs. Brazil: Portugal won 2-on-2 and 1-on and 2-vs. 2 to advance into the quarterfinal of the tournament.9.

2014 World Cup semifinal: Germany defeated France 2 1 in the semifinal.10.

2015 FIFA World Team of the Tournament: Spain won the tournament in dramatic fashion with a 3-0 win over Germany.11.

2014 UEFA Euro 2012 final: Portugal defeated Croatia 1-2 to reach the quarter-finals of the European Championship.12.

2016 FIFA Women Soccer World Cup semi-final: France won 3 to 0 over Germany in a thrilling quarterfinal that saw Germany win the tiebreaker and qualify for the 2018 World Cup (they did not qualify for Russia 2018).13.

2014 Euro 2012 quarterfinal: Germany lost 3-3 to Portugal.14.

2014 Confederations Cup final (Group A): Germany won 4-2 over Italy to win their first ever Confederations Champions League title.15.

2015 World Cup quarterfinal (Group B): Germany defeated Serbia 1-1, 4:1 to advance on to the final.16.

2014-2016 UEFA Champions League semi-finals (Group C): Germany beat Croatia 1 1 to reach their quarterfinals for the second consecutive year.17.

2016 World Cup semifinals (Group D): Germany lost 4:0 to Spain in the group stage.18.

2015-2016 FIFA Confederations Trophy (Group E): Germany overcame Chile to reach Euro 2016, but lost to Portugal in the final in the quarter final.19.

2014 AFCON quarterfinal/playoffs: Portugal reached the quarter finals of the AFCON.20.

2016 UEFA Champions league final (Euro 2016): Germany fell in the semifinals of the UEFA Champions and reached the semi-finals, where they beat Portugal.21.

2014 CONCACAF Gold Cup final in Mexico: Brazil defeated Mexico 4-0.22.

2016 Confederations World Cup qualifying (Group F): Brazil beat Colombia 3-4 to advance through to the knockout round.23.

2014 Copa America Centenario final (Copa America): Brazil won the Copa Libertadores, beating Colombia 3 1 to advance in the tournament’s second-ever championship.24.

2014 Pan Am Games qualifying (Pan Am Games): Brazil defeated Uruguay 4-1 for the title of CONCACaf’s top-two seeds in the World Cup for the fourth consecutive year, and also became only the third team in history to reach both Copa América and the World Club Championship in one year.25.

2014 European Championship qualifying (Euro 2014): Brazil eliminated Germany from the tournament by beating Colombia 4-4.26.

2014 U-17 World Cup qualifier (U-17): Brazil qualified for the 2014 FIFA U-19 World Cup via the Copacabana Qualifying Tournament, where it beat Paraguay 3-5 in a quarterfinal.27.

2014 Brazil World Cup qualification (World Cup 2014): In Brazil’s second straight World Youth Championships, Brazil beat Chile 1-3 in a friendly to qualify for its third consecutive World Cup