In the midst of a chaotic World Cup, Nigeria’s first female soccer player is setting her sights on another goal.

Nyamwendas’ first goal was a stunning, one-two against Spain.

It came on the same day she was named the African Player of the Year.

The 21-year-old’s performance in the tournament could have been a national sporting event had it not been for the death of her coach in a plane crash.

Nyanza’s first goal against Spain was a shocking moment.

Nyams, who is from Lagos, Nigeria, was not playing her first game since February, when her parents, both Nigerian, were killed when the plane carrying her and her teammates crashed in the Mediterranean Sea.

The team was taking part in their first tournament in four years and Nyams had just started her first tournament.

When the plane came down, Nyams and her team-mates were among the first to flee the plane, she said.

The plane crashed about an hour after Nyams’ team-mate and friend, Luka Modric, was injured when the aircraft slammed into a wall in the sea.

The crash, which killed both men, has raised questions about the safety of the World Cup.

It is understood that the plane was not at full capacity and that it was travelling in the middle of the night.

It is not known how long the plane took to descend from the top of the mountain.

Nyaamwende’s father, Nyanza, said her mother was flying the plane when it went down.

“She could not keep going so we could not get on board.

So I asked her to pull the plane up and we could only see the debris from the plane,” he said.

After a week, Nyamwu was able to fly home, but not before her family received messages of support.

“I heard the message from her mum that they are safe and that they will be OK.

And that I am OK too,” she said, adding she had spoken to her parents.

Nytawende was a standout player for the Nigerian Women’s National Team during their qualification for the World Championship in 2018.

Nwanga Nwanga, a 20-year old goalkeeper for the team, said Nyamwenas’ goal against the Spanish team was “the biggest thing” in the history of the tournament.

“She scored that goal on the very first try and it’s amazing,” she told The Sunday Times.

“Nyanisa is such a great player and it is her first World Cup goal.”

The World Cup has become an international sporting event as it has become the biggest tournament in history.

The Nigerian national team, whose players represent some of the world’s most affluent countries, is hoping that the World Championships will bring in more money.

It has already generated over $1.5 billion in global sponsorship revenues.

Nykwenda said she was looking forward to watching the women’s side play Brazil next week.

“It is a great competition, and I am really looking forward for it to go to Brazil,” she added.

“We have a good group of players, a good team and a good coach.”

Nyanwenda will join the Nigeria Women’s Football Team for the upcoming World Cup qualifiers against Russia and Brazil.