The men’s soccer World Cup is in its fourth round and the U.S. men’s national team has a chance to win a third consecutive major tournament title and crown the next generation of great players.

The United States beat Brazil in the quarterfinals on Tuesday, ending an era of dominance in the men of soccer that saw it win five World Cups.

But that is not what the U-20 World Cup will be all about.

The U.K. and Sweden face off in the final.

Both teams are coming off historic performances in qualifying.

But the U.-20s have yet to make a final and Sweden is coming off a disappointing World Cup qualifying campaign that saw them finish a disappointing fourth in the group.

England’s victory will come after an ugly World Cup, one that saw England lose to the U .

S. in the semi-finals.

And it is the first time since 1990 that the U -20s haven’t been to the final, when the U — and U-21s — dominated the tournament.

The women’s World Cups are a bit more different, with the top two teams in each group advancing to the next round.

The teams are the United States and Australia, which is the final-round match for the U, but the final is also a rematch of the 2009 final.

This is the second time the U has advanced to the semifinals, when it beat the U , Canada and Brazil.

The last time they were to the finals was in 2012.

The most recent semifinal was in 2015, when both teams beat Argentina to earn their third consecutive CONCACAF Gold Cup.

The winner of the semifinal will advance to the quarterfinal.

The quarterfinals are the second and final tournament of the summer and feature a mix of three groups of eight teams.

The top two will play a semifinal match, while the second, third and fourth teams will play in the semifinals.

The semifinals are usually played in a late afternoon or early evening time zone.

The final will be played on Sunday.

Here’s what you need to know.

WHAT TO WATCH OUT FOR The U-23s vs. Australia U-19s vs U-17s U-18s vs A-20s Australia vs. Sweden Australia vs New Zealand Australia vs Brazil Australia vs France The U’s have an easy schedule ahead of them, which includes the semi final against Australia, the final against Sweden, and the semifinals against the U’s.

The first two are scheduled for June 9 and 10 in Australia, with their final against New Zealand on June 11.

The other semifinal matches are set for June 14 and 15 in Sweden, July 3 in France, and July 4 in Brazil.

THE BIG QUESTION: Is this a repeat of the U23s’ dominant performance at the 2010 World Cup?

The U were the top team in the tournament and finished with the best record in CONCACaf’s top tier.

The tournament was played in the U17s’ home stadium in Australia and was played with all three teams coming off strong performances in qualifiers.

That made the tournament a very strong showing for the young U-16s, who played with some of the best players in CONCacaf’s best league.

How will the U fare against Australia?

The first leg of the semifinals is on June 1 in Sydney, where the U will play the first game of the series against Australia.

The second leg is on July 6 in Melbourne, Australia.

Both games are in the same city and are expected to be packed.

The third leg is a week later in Perth, Australia, where Australia will face off against New Zealand.


The semifinals against New York and the final will take place in July.

The World Cup semifinals are in October, and England will face Sweden in the semifinals.