Watch World Series: No-hitters are set to join a number of stars for the biggest sporting event of the year on Monday night when Brazil and Chile face off in the World Series.

The second-tier of the World Baseball Classic, which runs from August 4-11, will feature five teams playing for a $2 million prize pool, including three of the four teams in the Americas division.

Brazil, who beat Argentina in the semifinals of the tournament, will have four of its five World Series games on television, and Argentina, which beat the United States in the series opener in Toronto, will host two games, including the semi-finals on TV.

Aoe2, the tournament’s governing body, said that the event will air on television in South Africa, Japan, the Philippines and Brazil, with coverage also being streamed via live streams and on the AO3 app.

It will be Brazil’s first appearance in the finals of the world championship.

Brazil’s last appearance in a finals in a major sporting event was in 1996, when it lost to Colombia.

The two sides have never met before in the tournament.

“The first game of the semifinals will be played on TV in South African, Japan and the Philippines, where we will be able to watch live from our seats,” Aoe2 said in a statement.

Brazil’s star, Roberto Carlos, is the highest-profile name in the field of players expected to be on the field in the first World Series game.

The 28-year-old has been selected to play in all three World Series final matches, and is the team’s batting champion.

He is set to face off against the defending champion Chile in the opener on Monday, and will then travel to Mexico to face Mexico City’s Juan Francisco Ortiz.

The next two games are set for the Philippines.

The other players to be named for the opening two games in Mexico City will be the South Africa batsman Ben Stokes, and the New Zealand skipper Richie Benaud.