The United States Olympic Committee is in a quandary after it failed to secure a bid for the 2018 and 2022 Olympic Games in London and the 2022 Beijing Olympics, as well as a bid in 2024.

The committee, which is controlled by President Donald Trump, has also failed to get a 2020 bid for Tokyo and a 2024 bid for Beijing.

But Trump has repeatedly promised that he would take a “great” approach to the bid process, and the IOC has said it would consider bidding again in 2024 if Trump were to be reelected.

The president has repeatedly said he would make a bid if he won the election.

Trump has said the IOC will decide in the summer if to make a 2018 bid.

Trump’s campaign has accused the IOC of stonewalling.

Some in the IOC say the president has a chance to change that.

Former IOC president Jacques Rogge has said there is a strong possibility that Trump could win the 2020 bid.

“The President-elect has a strong mandate and is going to make it,” Rogge told CNN’s Jake Tapper.

“The IOC can say, ‘No, we will not make that bid.'”

But some experts say the 2020 Olympics are not worth it.

“I think the 2020 games are not going to be the best thing that can happen to the United States and the world,” said David A. Haggerty, professor of international politics at Harvard University and former president of the International Olympic Committee.

Haggerty is not convinced that Trump can make a great Olympics.

He said Trump is more interested in his brand and the brand of the United Kingdom.

A few years ago, the IOC rejected a bid by Australia to host the 2024 Summer Olympics.

That country was in the midst of a massive doping scandal that involved scores of athletes, including some from the U.S. Trump had a hand in that decision.

Trump’s administration has also threatened to impose sanctions on North Korea, Russia, China and Iran.

Haggertty said Trump has “a history of trying to be a dictator.”

“We are in the second decade of a dictatorship,” he said.

“We have a president who is trying to do everything he can to isolate and isolate our allies.

I think it’s a very dangerous time for the world and for the United Americans.”

The 2018 bid would have seen the U,S., Canada, Mexico and Japan participate in a four-team competition for the 2024 and 2022 Olympics.

The other four nations would be Britain, South Korea, Japan and Germany.

The bid was widely viewed as a win for the Trump administration, and Trump won a majority of the vote, though a handful of states, including Georgia, Indiana, Tennessee and Missouri, didn’t vote.

Trump was also awarded the 2024 gold medal for the games.

But Trump’s bid came with a number of challenges.

First, the U and Canada have a reputation as a tough and tough team, which many Americans dislike.

Second, many Americans, including Trump’s own party, think the Olympics will be a waste of time, money and energy.

Third, a Trump presidency has shown he can’t deliver on his promise to build a wall on the U., Mexico and China.

Trump’s election has also raised the prospect of a Trump impeachment trial, though it has not been ruled out.

There has also been talk of a boycott of the 2020 Games if Trump does not win.

Trump himself has said he will not be attending the Games.