The World Cup will be played out across three stages starting with a round-of-16 draw in November, followed by a semi-final at the same venue on December 10.

The semi-finals will be held on the same day, with the final on January 6. 

In addition to the semi-contenders, there will be three knockout stages to the tournament, which will culminate in the final in Brazil on March 7. 

How do you watch the FIFA World Cup?

A great place to start is with BBC Sport’s live coverage.

It starts with a recap of the tournament on Monday night, with commentary on the results, the semi and final, plus highlights and scores. 

The BBC has also got a live blog, which gives you all the latest news and results from around the world. 

This will all be available to watch on BBC Sport One, BBC Sport HD and BBC Sport app. 

You can also check the BBC Sport website for the latest live updates and the official results. 

Who are the teams and players?

The draw for the 2018 World Cup has taken place and Fifa has confirmed the teams in its provisional 16-team World Cup group.

There will be 16 teams from South America, eight from Europe and two from Asia.

There are no English or Welsh teams in the group, which has been described as a ‘golden generation’.

South Africa, Australia, Brazil, England, France, Germany, Japan, Mexico, New Zealand, Peru, South Korea, Spain and the United States will be playing in their respective group stages, while the group stage will be drawn to decide the number of places in the knockout stage. 

Which countries will qualify for the knockout stages?

South Africa will be seeded in the second group stage, and the two top seeds will qualify.

South Africa will then face either Australia or Germany in the quarter-finals.

The two other seeded teams will then meet in the semifinals.

The winner of the semi final will face either Brazil or Colombia in the semi finals, while Colombia will face New Zealand in the grand final.

The winners of the finals will meet either South Africa or Argentina in the finals, with Argentina hosting South Africa in a rematch of the last World Cup final in 2010.

What is the prize money? 

The World Cup is being broadcast in the UK via BBC Three, BBC Two, BBC One, ITV1, Sky, online, via mobile and on the BBC News app, with BBC World Cup live and online coverage available on BBC News, BBC News HD and ITV News.

The tournament is scheduled to take place in South Africa, with eight qualifying groups, and eight groups in each group.

There will be two knockout stages, with one semi- and one final, and a group stage.

There are 16 teams to play in the tournament and there are 16 places in each knockout stage, which takes place at the Stade de France.

The first round will see the semi finalists play each other in the opening round, followed in two weeks by the semi winners, then the winners of each group play each another in the first round of 16, and in the last two groups of 16. 

What are the games?

In addition, there are two group stage matches for the winners to play each others in the round of 32, and another one for the losers to play their opponents in the next round of 64. 

Will there be penalties for handball?

No, there is no penalty for handballs during the tournament.

The rules for the World Games are set out in a joint document between Fifa and the Association of Professional Footballers.

There is a ban on foul play in all competitions. 

Are there any other rules to keep in mind?

There are plenty of other rules that are set by the association and Fifa, including:• No alcohol, no gambling, no loud music, no electronic devices (cell phones, tablets, etc) and no cameras on the pitch.• There is a curfew for all venues and activities, including nightclubs, bars and cinemas.• A curfew of 6pm in all stadiums.• No smoking or drinking in bars, restaurants and nightclubs and bars and restaurants will have to be closed at least half an hour before kick-off.• People must remain on the streets until 10pm, or they will be subject to a ticketing process.• If you are wearing a mask, you will be asked to remove it from the stadium.• It is not permitted to take pictures in stadiums.

This is a huge event, with millions of people travelling around the globe to witness it.

It will be broadcast live on BBC Two and BBC One from 4pm. 

BBC One will also be showing live coverage of the final, as well as coverage of all the other events including the Olympic Games, the Commonwealth Games, Commonwealth Rugby Championship and the World Rugby Cup. For