England’s World Cup Quarter-Final loss to Brazil was the final humiliation of the men’s national team in Rio de Janeiro.

It was a poor result for a side that had looked impressive at the halfway stage of the tournament and had a solid squad in place.

They were on the back foot in the opening half when England had the better chances in the second half.

Gareth Bale and Jermain Defoe had the only goals of the game for England and England had to be patient to take the lead.

Their defence was weak and the midfield did not have a clear idea of how to react to a high ball in the box, as it was difficult to know where to be.

The hosts looked the better side.

Their only real threat came from the opposition’s midfielders.

Brazil started the game brightly, creating two good chances, including a header from a free-kick, before the game was abandoned.

England had a chance in the 54th minute but they were denied by a deflection off James Ward-Prowse and a fine save from David Beckham, who had a shot blocked.

The visitors’ only shot on target came from substitute Adam Lallana, who got on the end of a deflected shot in the 71st minute.

The scoreline did not change, but the lack of quality in defence and attack did make it harder to put the home side away.

England will now have to deal with the task of rebuilding their squad in the months ahead.

They will have to look at players who are not in form, but that could be the key to England’s chances of qualification for the World Cup.

England: Bale, Defoe, Wilshere, Kane, Lallam, Beckham, Kane (Davies 77), Lallan (Lallana 73), Kane, Dzeko, Sterling (Lionel 77), Wilsby (Coutinho 74), Sterling (Prowsey 76) England: Ward-prowse, Defranco, Bale, Leman (Wright 73), Defranko, Sterling, Laudrup, Lleyton-Petty (Wilsby 73), Gerrard (Laman 83), Lade (Maguire 77), Evans, Lavezzi (Wales 75), Defron, Lillis (Johnson 76), Johnson (Harrison 77), Johnson, Rooney, Lassiter, Gerrard (Harkes 74), Laudrazio (Mamadou Cisse 72) Subs: Leman, Wright, Evans, Evans (Gardner 81), Whelan, Henderson, Llewellyn, Evans-Janzen, Harkes, Wright (Bale 64), Llewisi, Davies, Whelans, Davies (Hernandez 81), Johnson Subs not used: Johnson, Lade, Wright Subs Man of the match: James Ward – England (Mazza 86)