By James Macdonald / Business Insider staff, September 06, 2018 11:12:34You may have heard the word “ball” in the past, but don’t think you have to be a professional soccer player to make one.

But the world’s first soccer ball has just gone on sale.

The ball was made using a 3D printer, but not the traditional process of cutting a metal cylinder.

The 3D printed soccer ball is designed to be able to be made of nearly any material and to have a range of shapes and sizes.

It’s called the Zebra Soccer Ball and it’s made in Italy.

According to a press release, the ZEBARGO soccer ball was created by a team of Italian engineers using 3D printing technology.

It was printed in a 3-D printer at the Primavera Research Institute in Genoa.

The Zebra soccer ball, which is just under 5 inches (16 centimeters) in diameter, is the first ball to have been 3D-printed in this way.

It’s not just a design challenge though.

3D printable soccer balls are also a great way to create products that are sustainable and affordable.

The team behind the ZebARGO is using a process called 3D laser casting to create the 3D shapes and to create an intricate mesh that makes the ball more robust.3D printing is a new technology that uses a laser to create a 3 dimensional object that can then be printed on a variety of materials.

That process allows the manufacturer to make new objects using existing material.

The 3D objects can then then be assembled and tested for safety and quality.

The process is currently being used to make 3D printers for everything from cars to clothing.

It took three months to print the ZERBLED soccer ball and the team says it’s only the start.

They’re planning to make more soccer balls and other products using the technology.