USA’s goal score record is now at its highest level since 2005, when it scored 100 goals.

The U.S. scored a whopping 78 goals during that time, including 29 in the shootout.

However, that doesn’t mean that goal scoring is anything to celebrate.

That’s because it’s still not good enough.

It’s also still not the best goal scoring record in World Cup history.

The USA scored only 27 goals in the 1994 World Cup, and it was a team record for goal scoring in a World Cup.

The 1993 World Cup was the best score in the tournament and it’s been the worst for more than a decade.

But in the 1990s, the U.K. and the Netherlands had a more dominant performance than the U: The Netherlands scored 25 goals, the United States scored 14, and Brazil had 11.

The Netherlands has now set the all-time scoring record for the World Cup in all competitions with 17 goals, with the U-17s having scored 12.

It is a stunning run by both teams.

The Dutch are a much better team, and they have an incredible team spirit, but they’ve also lost to Brazil, who scored 22 goals in their group.

The best goal scorer for the U in World Cups history was Ronaldo, who in 1995 and 1996 scored 26 goals, including a World Cups record 18 in a single game.

That was the year the U finished second in the CONCACAF Champions League, but it wasn’t until the 2010 Confederations Cup that the U won the championship and the U became a world power.

This team has an unbelievable spirit, and when you win, everyone can sing your praises.

It would be hard to imagine any U. S. team winning a World Championship, and the team has a lot of talent on this side of the ball.

They have the kind of depth that makes a World Champion look like a dud.

The biggest problem for the USA is that they’re not very good at goal.

They are second in goals scored in World Championships, but not a lot is made of that.

It probably doesn’t matter because the U’s only goal scored against the world champion team was a penalty.

The penalty was the only goal in the final minutes of the tournament, and there was no way the USA could have scored more than three goals against the U of Colombia.

Even the U is a bit slow, so it’s hard to find goals.

However it is a concern.

The only time the U scored more goals in a round was when it beat Uruguay in the quarterfinals, but that was against Colombia, and not against the best team in the world.

It was a frustrating run for a team that has been so dominant over the past several years.

USA’s first goal scored in a major tournament was against Ghana, and a penalty goal in that game was a career-high.

The next year, it was against Germany, and no penalty was scored.

That left the U a bit behind Brazil, Uruguay, and Germany in goal scoring.

If the U had a few more players in the lineup, they could have pushed for a more dramatic upset against the top-seeded Ghana, but the U didn’t have that luxury.

The big question is if the U can keep this up.

There’s no doubt that the USA’s style of play is different than that of Brazil and Uruguay, but this is still the best-coached team in soccer history.

They’ve never beaten any of the top teams in the World Cups.

They’re a better team overall than the United.

The most recent World Cup will be held in the United Kingdom, and many teams will be using the tournament as an opportunity to improve.

It will be interesting to see if the USA can keep the same form in the U.-17s that it showed against Colombia.

The United has scored a ton of goals in World Championship qualifying, but most of those have been from set pieces.

They also haven’t scored a goal in more than 30 minutes.

The last time they scored a hat trick in a quarterfinal game was against Uruguay in 2015.

The tournament is long and it could be a while before the U truly gets the hang of it.

This tournament has been a lot to watch, and I hope the U makes it to the semifinals.

The final will be played on Tuesday night in Cardiff, Wales.