Spain are still unbeaten in World Cup qualifying, but they have only played four games.

The team are on a nine-game unbeaten run which is their best ever at a World Cup.

Their most recent win came in a 2-0 victory over Portugal in the 2014 World Cup quarter-finals.

They have now lost seven of their last nine matches.

Portugal were beaten 3-1 by Germany in their last match at the Santiago Bernabeu in November. 

Tito Vilanova’s side have won two of their past three matches and have only conceded two goals. 

Ander Herrera has won seven of his past nine games, but the Spaniards have conceded three goals in their past four matches. 

The only goal Spain have conceded in their previous three matches was on January 23 when they conceded a penalty kick to give away a 1-0 win over Italy in the quarter-final. 

Spain’s last win over Portugal came in the round of 16 in 2018 when they beat the Portuguese 1-1 in the first leg of their final group game in the Copa Del Rey. 

Raul Jimenez’s side are unbeaten in their two meetings with Portugal. 

They have scored five goals in the last five matches and are unbeaten against Portugal in all competitions. 

Nacho Monreal’s side were beaten 1-2 by Germany at the Estadio Santiago Bernabéu in October, and have since lost two more matches.

They were beaten 4-0 by Chile in their first meeting at the San Siro in November but lost 2-1 to Colombia in their second match. 

In total, Portugal have conceded five goals against Spain, but only one of those was on the opening day. 

It is the first time that Portugal have lost three consecutive World Cup qualifiers at the Bernabeue. 

Miguel Veloso’s side won their last two games at the stadium, but this time they have lost both, 1-3, to Spain. 

After their victory over the Germans, Spain were in danger of losing the World Cup for the first, and only time, time. 

Possible line-ups: Pellegrini will be without Cristiano Ronaldo and Gareth Bale for a second consecutive match, with Cristiano already missing the rest of the campaign. 

Ronaldo is expected to return to action for Spain on Thursday, while Bale will miss the first two matches of the World Cups. 

Santiago Bernabeuer is home to the first round of the Champions League, and hosts Real Madrid, who will play Barcelona on Wednesday, with the winner of that match travelling to the next round. 

La Liga is in the second leg of its Copa del Rey semi-final with Valencia on Thursday.