A year after its release, FIFA 18 has finally arrived on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

It’s the culmination of a year’s worth of work and development, and with it comes the biggest update to FIFA in years.

We’ve spent the last year looking back at everything we learned, how we changed it, and how it feels now.

Read on to find out how it’s all made, how it looks, and what you can expect to see when FIFA 18 launches on July 23.1.

FIFA 18 is the biggest game in the history of FIFA and one of the best ever made2.

The new roster system has been a big deal for FIFA fans and developers alike3.

FIFA has never been so complete4.

The graphics look fantastic5.

You can watch all the best football action from around the world6.

The game runs beautifully on a 1080p TV7.

You get to play the best players from around world, with new teams and stadiums8.

There are some really cool graphics in FIFA 199.

FIFA 19 comes with a ton of new content10.

You’ll find yourself watching a lot of the matches you missed11.

There’s a new feature called “Match Manager,” which lets you record your team’s best shots12.

FIFA’s new online multiplayer features are the best in the industry, but there’s more to come13.

FIFA 20 will come out on July 28, and we’ll be sharing all the details there.1 / 9 FIFA 18 on PlayStation and Xbox are the only games with online multiplayer2 / 9 The new FIFA gamepad is a big step forward for the game and makes it easier to control the camera3 / 9 In FIFA 19, you can play with the TV remote and the PS4 remote4 / 9 It’s amazing how much the new PS4 controller has evolved over the last decade5 / 9 You’ll be able to control a FIFA 18 gamepad on the TV, so it’s super easy to get the hang of the controls6 / 9 EA and Ubisoft are working together on the FIFA series, and it looks like FIFA 18 will be the next entry in the series7 / 9 We’ve seen a ton more of FIFA this year than we did last year, and this is the best game ever made8 / 9 There are a ton, a ton… of cool things to look forward to in FIFA 209 / 9 As you might expect, it’s the biggest, most ambitious game ever created, and EA is bringing in new teams from around its global soccer roster.10 / 9 This new feature allows you to record your own team’s shots11 / 9 Players are now rated based on how many goals they score and how many they save12 / 9 All the new stadiums will feature massive new stadiums and stadiums, which are also new to FIFA 1913 / 9 Every new player you get in FIFA 18 gets to earn XP and you can then use that XP to upgrade your players14 / 9 Now that you can record your shots and record your saves, you’ll be looking at a lot more of them15 / 9 Many new game modes will make their debut in FIFA 2018, including soccer, football, and soccer-specific tournaments16 / 9 For the first time, you’re able to play as a team with multiple players from the same club17 / 9 If you’re a fan of soccer, you’ve probably heard of the “Griez” moniker, and if you don’t know what that means, it means “The Greatest.”18 / 9 Watch the latest FIFA 19 video and get ready to see some of the new soccer action.1 of 7