JAMES MCDONALD/AFP/Getty Images Players who have reached the semifinals of the World Cup finals, including England’s Serena Williams and Australia’s Michael Phelps, are also expected to make the final.

They will play against Russia’s Nadal and Japan’s Nishikori to determine the four seeds for the final and who will be awarded the trophy.

Williams and Phelps are the only women’s players to make it to the final, winning the US Open in 2015.

Williams is the only female player to win the US Women’s Open title since 2004, when she was a teenager.

Aussie Nadal will make his first career finals appearance after defeating Frenchwoman Sophie Morand in the semi-finals, while Williams and Morand also won the Australian Open last year. 

WEST COAST BOSS JOSHUA KELLY/AFP via Getty Images US Open champion, Roger Federer, and Australia Open champion Serena and Jordan Spieth will make their second finals appearance, respectively, after winning the Australian and US Open titles.

The women’s doubles champion will be facing compatriot Serena Davis and reigning US Open and Australian Open champion Milos Raonic, who both lost to Nadal in the finals. 

Kenny Omega is set to make his sixth finals appearance as a professional, beating Spaniard Marcelino in the final on Friday.

Omega is the first American to reach the semifinals in the men’s doubles and won the US Opens title in 2012.

The Australian Open final is expected to be a close battle between American Jordan Spence and British Open winner Jason Day, with Spence coming from behind in the first set. 

TIMOTHY AUSTIN/AFP – Getty Images The US Open has become a popular event in South Korea as the tournament has featured the world’s top players from every country.

The first major in the sport’s history was played at the 2016 edition, with top players including Serena, Maria Sharapova, Jordan Spahic and Maria Sharazia taking the field.

It is the most prestigious event in the world, and in recent years has been attracting world class players from around the world. 

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