A month after China’s Tiananmen Square massacre, US officials are urging Beijing to end a practice of “massacre tourism” and instead focus on the safety and security of Americans and their families.

But it’s a sentiment that many in the United States, including President Donald Trump, have not taken to heart.

The United States and China have engaged in a bitter dispute over how to handle the specter of a resurgent North Korea, and China has consistently been the more aggressive of the two countries.

The United States is concerned about the potential for a North Korean nuclear test and the proliferation of nuclear weapons and missiles, and has pushed Beijing to curb Pyongyang’s missile and nuclear development.

The two countries have also engaged in military exercises that have caused alarm in the international community, and the US has deployed the Terminal High Altitude Area Defense (THAAD) anti-missile system to South Korea.

Trump has called China a “currency manipulator” that’s “destroying” the global economy and has been outspoken in his disdain for Beijing’s treatment of American companies.

He has also expressed frustration with Chinese leaders’ response to a series of territorial disputes with the Philippines, Vietnam and the Philippines.

Trump’s relationship with China has been fraught with tensions, as the two have clashed over the North Korea situation and other matters, including his decision to withdraw the United Kingdom from the Paris climate agreement.

The relationship between China and the United State has also been in the news recently due to the president’s travel ban, which restricts entry for citizens of seven Muslim-majority countries.

It was also the subject of a report by The Wall Street Journal that alleged China was attempting to manipulate the presidential election to benefit its favored candidate, Democrat Hillary Clinton.

Trump did not address the reported claims during his visit to Beijing, but he did tout his economic agenda during the visit and said China would be the biggest beneficiary of his efforts.

“We have a lot of things going on in China right now.

We’re going to be announcing our agenda.

China is going to get a lot out of it,” Trump said during a press conference with Chinese President Xi Jinping.”

China is going on a lot.

They’re going on tremendous growth.

They have a huge amount of money, a huge trade surplus.

And we’re going back and forth with China and frankly they’re going, ‘We’re going after you.

We want you to do whatever we want you do.'”

Trump’s travel bans have drawn widespread criticism, including from the American Chamber of Commerce.

It has said the bans unfairly target Chinese nationals and businesses, and it has accused the Trump administration of exploiting Chinese concerns about its economic policies to win political support.

Trump told reporters in the wake of the report that he will announce more details about his economic plans at a later date, but added that he hopes to announce his plan in the coming days.

“I don’t want to get into a political discussion because I think we have to do a great job of making sure that our people have jobs and have opportunities and are not just looking to make a quick buck,” Trump told reporters.

Trump was scheduled to travel to China for a second trip in less than a week on Wednesday, when he’ll attend the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) summit in Manila, Philippines.