India has officially joined the world’s first ever football tournament.

The world cup will be held in the United Kingdom on February 12 and will be played between India and the Republic of Ireland.

The two countries were the only two to qualify for the tournament in 2016.

The tournament will be hosted by the BBC and will also feature a World Cup-style format.

This means that fans will be able to tune in to the event online and watch the match live.

There will also be a special edition of The BBC Sport Extra app, which will include live commentary, highlights and exclusive content.

Netflix will also stream the entire tournament live on its platform, including live games, replays and highlights.

There are also plans to launch an online streaming platform for the final two games of the tournament.

India will play the Republic in the first round on February 18, while Ireland will face South Korea in the second.

The BBC will be livestreaming the tournament live and will offer exclusive content such as exclusive interviews with players, footage from the World Cup, and highlights from the tournament itself.