GURU: The NFL Players Association (NFLPA) has joined a growing movement in the sports world that is calling for the world to honor the memory of players who died in the line of duty during the 2012 World Cup.

The association, which is headed by President Eric Holder and was formed by the players during a four-day meeting in Atlanta on May 6-7, launched a petition on seeking to have the players’ deaths included in the games played during the event, which runs from July 25-28.

The players’ petition calls for a national memorial honoring all those who have died while serving the U.S. as a symbol of their sacrifice and the sacrifice of their families.

The NFLPA will join with more than 40 other sports leagues, leagues, and associations in calling for a memorial honoring the lives of the players, according to the petition.

“The tragic events of the past few months have left a deep scar on the lives and lives of millions of Americans, and this will be a time to reflect on the many sacrifices that were made to ensure that this world class event would not go to waste,” the petition reads.

The petition has garnered more than 2.5 million signatures.

The petition comes as the NFL is gearing up for its second annual All-Star game, which will feature some of the top players from across the league in a week that will mark the start of the NFL’s new five-year contract extension.

The new contract extension for players expires on March 31, 2020.