When it comes to the 2019 FIFA World Cup, Sweden and the Netherlands have the edge over Russia.

The Netherlands beat Russia 3-0 in a game that has been overshadowed by the death of a Dutch woman who was involved in a police chase.

Russia and Sweden will play in a quarterfinal against each other in 2019.

The winners of the two games will advance to the semi-finals.

Sweden is a World Cup qualifier, meaning it will not participate in the World Cup in Russia until 2024.

Russia has been ranked No. 1 for years, but it hasn’t qualified for a World Championship.

It will be the first time the Netherlands has qualified since 2006.

Here’s a look at what to watch: Sweden: Sweden’s team has had an up-and-down season.

The squad won a tournament title in 2016 but lost in the group stage in 2019, losing 2-0 to Spain in the quarterfinals.

The team has since returned to the top of the table.

They lost two more games in the first round to Germany and Russia.

Their last two matches were against the Netherlands and Spain.

This team won’t be able to make the semifinals but could have a shot at the title.

Russia: Russia will play the Netherlands, Germany and Spain in a semi-final.

The teams will meet in the semifinals.

The Russians have a good record in the semifinal but have had some injuries.

The game will be played at the new stadium in St. Petersburg.

The Dutch will play Germany in the final.

Russia will be coming off a tough quarterfinal loss to the Netherlands in 2018.

The match is set to be the most watched soccer match in the world.