We’ve seen plenty of wild cards and surprise winners this year.

Here’s what to expect on Saturday.


Uruguay v France – Uruguay 1-1 (OT) Uruguay 1 France 1-0 (OT).

Both teams have been favourites to win the tournament and both have a very good chance to do so.

The two teams are very similar in style of play, but the Uruguayan team is more aggressive in the attack and will attack with a bit more urgency.

They’ll be hoping that the French defensive structure is up to the task, especially when they’ve played against a team who has the best goalkeeper in the world in Olivier Giroud.

France is in desperate need of a win against Uruguay, and it will be interesting to see how they respond to Uruguay’s superior attacking talent.


Germany v England – Germany 1-2 (OT)(OT) The German side have looked shaky in the group stage so far.

Their defensive shape is a bit different to the one that has allowed them to go through the group stages, and their pressing game has been lacking too.

Their form has been pretty much a mirror image of their first game, which was against Portugal.

They were the better side in that game, but they haven’t looked as confident in recent matches.

If they can play some more in the second half, Germany could be a real threat to France, who have a huge advantage on their home turf.


Germany vs Italy – Italy 1-4 (OT)|Italy 2-1 Germany 3-2 Italy 4-0 Germany.

The Italians are the clear favourites to get past Germany in the World Cups group stage, but their chances of making the knockout stages are very slim.

They have an excellent defence, but there isn’t enough quality to win them games.

They will be hoping to bounce back against Italy, who look a lot stronger than they did against Portugal last week.


England v Argentina – England 1-3 Argentina 1-6 England 6-0 Argentina.

England are very well coached by Roy Hodgson, who will be looking to take his side to a World Cup finals.

Their biggest problem is the midfield, which is a weakness in the squad.

The English defence has been excellent this season and the only player to have scored against them is Harry Kane, so England will need to be very careful if they want to keep up with the best.

Argentina are looking very good in the Champions League, but that will be difficult to replicate against England, who are playing a game of the long ball.


Germany 0-4 England 0-5 Germany 1/4 (LIVE) Germany 0 England 0 Germany 3/5 (Live) England 0 England 1/2 (LIVES) Germany 1 England 0 France 1/5.

The Germans have been playing the long game in this group stage and the two teams have a great chance to meet in the quarter-finals.

They are very strong in the offensive department, and are the team to beat in this tournament.


Netherlands v Italy – Netherlands 1-5 (OT|OT|LIVE|OT) Italy 1 Netherlands 1 Italy 3/2 Netherlands 0 England 2/5 Italy 1 France 3/4 Italy 2 France 1 France 0 France 2.

The Netherlands have been a little bit quiet so far in the tournament.

They haven’t been able to make a major impact yet, but when they do, they can do some damage.

The midfield is a strength, and they have the best attacking players in the country.

If their attacking players can be a little more consistent, they could do some serious damage.


Argentina v Germany – Argentina 1 Italy 2-0.

The Argentine team has been struggling in the last two World Cups.

Their formation is a little strange, but it’s a solid one and they’ll be looking for a win in this game.

The game will probably be decided by the goalmouth, but if Argentina can hold onto the ball, they’ll have a good chance of beating Germany.


Germany 4-2 Argentina 0-6 Germany 1.

The Bundesliga is a tough league to win in, so Germany have to do a lot of things well in order to win this match.

They need to control possession in the final third, and have a few very good players on the ball.

They also have the ability to win balls in midfield.


Argentina 2-4 Germany 0.

Argentina is a very dangerous team, especially if the players are fit and firing.

Their attack has been impressive, and if they can take advantage of the weaknesses in the other team’s defence, they should be able to hold off the pressure of the German defence and put a few goals on the board.


England 0 Spain 1.

England have a fantastic defensive structure, but not as good as their attack, which will be key in keeping them in this competition.

They can be dangerous if they manage to hold onto possession in midfield, but won