As the World Series gets underway, the New York City subway system is taking another hit.

The MTA will be operating without the subway for the first time since the beginning of the World War II, which is set to take place over the course of two weeks.

The New York-New Jersey Transit Authority (NJ Transit) has announced it will begin running subway service in all directions between Penn Station and Grand Central Terminal beginning at 9 a.m.

Tuesday.NJ Transit has announced that service will continue until 8 p.m., but passengers will be able to use the MTA’s subway system until 9 p..m..NJ Transit says the subway service will run from Grand Central to Penn Station as well as the Bronx and Staten Island.

It will not run during the World Wide Tournament of Roses Parade in New York on Sunday, which will be held at Union Square in New Jersey.

The NYC subway is in danger of losing the subway because it is only about 4 miles long, according to NJ Transit spokesperson John Boccieri.

The MTA’s new service plan will ensure that all of the existing service can be restored, said Bocciersi.

It also aims to make sure that people can get to their jobs quickly, he said.

The subway will be closed between 9 a-p.m.; however, NJ Transit’s website states that customers should expect to be able get to work as early as 8 p,m.

on Sunday.NJT has asked commuters to make the necessary arrangements to get to and from work and to report to the station.

If you need help getting to work or can’t make it, you can call the MTA toll-free number at 800-222-9100.

The agency is also urging riders to share photos and videos of the shut down on social media.