India’s game industry is still recovering from the fallout from the devastating floods that devastated many parts of the country in November.

But there are signs of life, with some games being released in some of the biggest markets in Europe.

The Games for Change event was held in London on Wednesday and organisers have been encouraging people to play games in public spaces, and encourage developers to come to the UK to work.

One such game is “The Last Guardian”, a game that is being developed in the company’s London studio.

The game is a first-person exploration game, where you control a character through a vast and detailed world.

It was developed with support from the London School of Economics.

A video released by the company shows you navigating a large and varied open world, and a variety of different environmental situations.

The player has to explore a variety to survive, and you have to deal with numerous obstacles in the process.

“Our team is committed to creating an accessible game that can inspire and entertain people of all ages,” said the company in a statement.

The company, which was founded in 2014, says it aims to “engage people in a richly detailed, visually engaging and challenging game experience” by making it accessible.

“The developers at The Last Guardian have taken a very creative approach to their game, creating a world that feels richly alive,” the company said.

The title has been a huge hit with the game’s fans, and is even making its way to consoles.

Games for Choice recently held a competition to see which game would be best-suited for the UK market.

“In order to achieve our goals of providing a rich and diverse entertainment experience for gamers of all generations, The Last Guard is the perfect game for the world,” the developers said.

“As a developer of games for a wide range of genres, The First Guardian was chosen by Games for Freedom to be our UK Games of the Year and we are proud to announce it as the winner.”