India’s chances of reaching the quarter-finals have been improved by a record four wickets in the last two games, but a victory in the third Test will be crucial to their chances of qualifying.

It is a game that was a little too close for comfort for India’s bowlers and pacers in their first Test at the MCG.

Their performance in the first innings, which came down to a few offspinners, was the biggest reason for the defeat.

While India lost their two first-class wickets, they also lost their second, after being bowled out for 44 in the opening frame.

It will be a big task for the Indian bowlers to make up for the loss, especially with Mohammad Hafeez, the team’s leading run-scorer, sidelined with a broken wrist.

The Indian side will have to take the pressure on them from England, who will be hoping to get another scalp against the hosts.

But it is unlikely to be easy for England to replicate their performance in India.

They were outplayed by a combined total of 39 runs in the two previous Tests at the Old Trafford venue.

It was England’s third consecutive loss in the ICC Champions Trophy.

With England playing the first Test of the group stage on Thursday, the match is likely to be decided by a toss-up.

The format of the first three games is the same, but the format of India’s two matches is different.

India will have the same top order and captain in their side, while England will be playing with the same number of seamers.

They will also have to deal with the likes of Mitchell Johnson, who is the team captain, and Yuvraj Singh, who captains the batting.

India have the best batting in the world and it is their job to beat England on Thursday.

India lost their first two Test series by a score of 36 and 37.

In the third and final Test, England will need to go down by six wickets to reach the final.

England will have a difficult task of chasing down India, but they are the ones that have to beat the hosts to qualify for the World T20, where the teams will face each other in the semi-finals.

For the first time in six years, England have not lost a World T10 match.

England have won their first World T15 match since 2009.

ESPNcricinfo staff Writer Manish Mehta contributed to this report