World Cup 2024: Why you should watch it now, from Sunday 27 June to Sunday 30 June 2022 in the US, Canada, Australia and New Zealand.

A lot of people will be watching.

It’s going to be a great spectacle, and I expect that to be reflected in the ratings.

A little bit of an economic boom will follow.

I think you will see that there is going to a real sense of excitement about it and a lot of excitement for what it will bring.

If it does well, we’ll see some growth from that.

We’ve seen the TV ratings go up, I think in the first week they went up by 10%, and it’s going really well.

And the people who are watching, they will also be watching the sports, which is going well.

It’ll be great entertainment for everybody, including the Chinese, the Japanese and the Indians.

There will be a lot to do with the weather, which has been very bad.

But it’ll be a beautiful day.

I hope we’ll have a good show.

I know people are looking forward to watching it, and we have to be ready to have some great games, and great celebrations.

A great game, with all the emotion.

The last game is the last game, and it’ll end up being a great event.

We have to look forward to it.

I just hope it’s a really good game, because you can’t expect to have a World Cup and a World Championships in the same place, and there are going to have to come a time when there’s a big change.

You have to adapt, and that’s the job of the World Cup organisers.

So I don’t expect anything to change this time, and hopefully it’ll last forever.

The people who have been watching, I hope they are watching the game, they have to have fun, they’re going to get really excited about it.

They’re going be able to see the great games in front of them, and the amazing players that are going out there.

That’s the World Championship coming up next year, and of course there will be some great football games.

We hope that we’ll be able.

The stadiums will be huge.

They are going from $100 million to $200 million a year, I don.

That will be the biggest stadium in the world, and this is going in the right direction.

The World Cup has had a big impact on the world economy.

The world economy is going through a big boom, and all the major economies, including ours, are in a position where they are ready to start to do more business with each other.

They have a great appetite for it.

And it is a great opportunity to expand trade.

So it’s an incredible opportunity for us to do business with the other countries.

It is a tremendous opportunity for the World Health Organisation.

So this is the biggest opportunity for business, and for health in general, and business will be key.

So hopefully we can grow the business.

This is the World Trade Organization, and trade is very important to our economy.

We are trying to improve trade with countries around the world.

And there are so many people who want to work in this business.

The fact that it’s the world’s biggest sporting event and a great way to raise awareness about human rights, about democracy, about human values, is a fantastic thing.

So you can see a lot more activity going on, and people are going into business.

It will be interesting to see how the World Cups turn out.

I don’s see any obvious problems.

The players are fantastic, the players are coming in, they are great.

The fans are going in and out, and they are fantastic.

There’s been a lot going on.

It looks like a great World Cup.

It could turn out to be another great World Championship.