World Cup fever has reached Bangladesh and the home team is set to face Australia in a thriller at the world cup. 

With the World T20 looming, Bangladesh’s players have been working overtime to prepare for the big game and have already begun the arduous preparations ahead. 

Their players are also being given extra time off to spend with their families and are now preparing for the World Cups match against Australia in Australia. 

Bangls players and officials have already made a list of what they want to be able to do during the game, which is to ensure that their team’s performance in the match can be scrutinised, and if the players perform well, they will receive more opportunities to impress the coaching staff and the national team. 

This is the reason why the Bangladesh players are now working hard to make sure that their performance in this game can be taken into account, and it will be an important part of their preparations for the game. 

The Bangladesh team has already won the first Test of the season against Australia, and their players are looking forward to playing in the upcoming two Tests. 

 Banglis captain Murtaza Ahmed says that the players will be focusing on their mental and physical preparation for the upcoming match. 

“We will be concentrating on getting our mental and body strength up to be ready for this game,” he said. 

According to Bangladesh Cricket, the team has made an effort to prepare its players for the test match, and they are preparing for it with a fitness camp, which they are using as a testing ground for players’ fitness. 

There are also plans to conduct physical training sessions during the match, with a team of doctors and sports physios set to work. 

While the players are working hard in preparation for this match, the rest of the team is still preparing for their upcoming game against Australia.

Banglades captain Moulidhar Lal said that they are aiming for a great result on Friday night.

“We want to win the game on Friday.

We are not just looking at the cricket match, but also we want to take into consideration the results of the other matches as well.

So we are looking at a lot of things,” he told the reporters. 

However, he added that they will need to be on their game in order to perform well in the World Twenty20. 

In terms of their team performance in recent Tests, Bangladeshs players have performed very well, but they are yet to get past the semi-final of the series against Sri Lanka. 

For the second Test, they were beaten in the last Test by Sri Lanka by an innings and a half, and the result was a blow to Bangladeshs chances of making the final of the World Cricket League. 

Mouladhar Lal also said that the team will be prepared for the match against India, and said that there are no immediate plans to make any changes in the team composition. 

His comments are the same as the Bangladeshs captain had earlier in the day, as he said that he will not make any major changes to the team at this stage. 

Bathtans squad will be playing its first Test against India at the same venue in the second week of February, with the game scheduled to start at 4.30 pm IST. 

(Photo courtesy of Bangladesh Cricket)Bangladehi squad for World Cup matches The squad for the Bangladesh World Cup squad consists of a mix of internationals, who have played for Bangladesh in various international tournaments and are used to playing on a national team side. 

It is not only the players who are expected to play a big role in the squad, but it also includes a few domestic players. 

Among the internationals that will be involved in the batting, there are some very experienced players, like Sarfraz Ahmed, who will be making his Test debut against India. 

Apart from the domestic players, the Bangladesh squad will also have some internationals from other cricket nations, like Mohammad Asif, who is playing for Pakistan. 

Asif was born in Bangladesh and his family moved to the country after their parents moved to England.

He is the nephew of the former captain of Bangladesh, Asif Rashid. 

After finishing his career in Australia, Asim was a member of the Pakistan team, which won the 2009 World Cup. 

A five-time Test cricketer, he has been playing international cricket for the past five years, but he has not been involved in a World Cup yet. 

But with the World Championships coming to a close in India, the Pakistani cricketers have been keen to make their mark on the international scene, and Asif is one of them. 

He will be part of the Bangladesh side for the third Test of their series against India on February 5, and he is expected to be part with the batting team for the fourth Test of that series, which