A new report suggests Australia has the best chance of winning the ICC World Cup 2018, with a stronger side in the field.

The ICC World Cricket Council’s latest ranking of the teams ranked highest in the world has Australia at number 10, ahead of the likes of New Zealand, England, West Indies and South Africa.

The ranking comes as Cricket Australia announced it had signed four players to its senior list ahead of World Cups 2019 and 2021, with one player to be added to the list before the end of the year.

In a statement, Cricket Australia said it had “signed the players of our future World Cup squad” to strengthen the team ahead of these upcoming events.

Cricket Australia CEO Chris Cusiter said the World Cup could be the best Test tournament in the history of the game, while the 2019 World Cup will be the only event in which the Australian team will have played in the last five years.

“The World Cup is a big opportunity for Australia to demonstrate to the world that we are a team with the skills, pedigree and talent to be the next great Test team in the game,” Cusitor said.

“Cricketer Australia’s vision is to be a global Test team that has the capability to beat anyone at the highest level.”

The ICC has previously said the 2018 World Cup would be Australia’s last in Australia, but it has yet to confirm that.

Cusiter also confirmed that the Australian Cricket Board would not be fielding a full-strength squad in 2021.

“We have been working with the ICC and their cricket director, David Richardson, to get the right fit out of our squad for the 2019-20 World Cup, which will be our last Test in Australia,” he said.

The Australian Cricket Team is currently ranked 16th in the ICC rankings, and ranked 25th in their domestic competition.

“I am delighted to have confirmed the squad for 2019-2020,” Richardson said.

“This will be an exciting time for Cricket Australia and we have a full training camp in place.”

It is also a fantastic time to be in Australia and to be able to welcome the country back home to play cricket.

“Cricketeers have been waiting for years to see a Test series between Australia and New Zealand since the series was scheduled to be played in 2018, but the World Cricket Championship is set to be held in Australia.

The two teams have already played three ODIs in Perth, with New Zealand winning in Brisbane in December and Australia taking the series 2-0 in Adelaide in March.

The World Cricket Association, the governing body of the sport, said it was a great honour to welcome Australia back to the World Test series.”

There is nothing better than seeing the team in action on the big stage at the MCG,” a spokesperson for the AACA said.