Ronaldo scored Portugal’s final World Cup goal on Tuesday to give his country a 3-2 win over the United States in the Confederations Cup final.

The Portugal star is now the first player in history to score three World Cup wins in a row, after his team beat hosts Brazil 3-0 in a thrilling semifinal match.

Portugal finished the tournament as runners-up to Brazil, but were beaten in the quarter-finals by the hosts. 

The Portugal winger, who scored his first World Cup hat-trick at the World Cup in 1958, took a hat-tribute from Portugal’s coach Joao Havelange.

“I have been following this game for a long time,” Havelang said.

“This is an unforgettable moment for me.

We’ve lost, but the team that beat us in the last eight seconds is the one that will be the best team.” 

The match was played at the Stade de France.

It is the first time the two countries have met in the World Cups since 1964, when Portugal won the tournament.

Portugal’s former striker Ronaldo was among the most popular players in Portugal, and the match was a huge boost for the team.

“We’ve got to take it all in the context of our life,” said Ronaldo, who has been playing at the top level for years.

“There are some things I think I did wrong that we’ll work on and make better.

I’ve got no regrets and I’ve just got to try to do the best I can to make sure the next one happens.” 

“The game is very important for Portugal because they won’t be playing for the World Championships in the summer,” Ha, the former striker, told reporters.

“They’ve been playing the Confederates Cup and it’s important for them that they are winning games.”

Portugal lost its opener in a penalty shoot-out, but Portugal scored two goals in the second half to seal the win. 

After the match, Haveline said: “The game was really important for me because I played for a few years at the club before I came to Portugal.

The team that won the Confederatives Cup in the semi-finals was the one with the best players in the world.”

Portugal will face Italy in the final on Wednesday.

Portugal is the only team to have defeated Italy at home in a World Cup final, defeating them 2-0 at the 1982 final.

Portugal has won the last four of its five World Cups.

The match ended in a 3 1-0 Portugal victory.