NFL fined two teams $1 million each in a ruling that could put more teams in the spotlight for unnecessary taunting, the NFL said Friday.

The league’s official website reported that the two teams fined each will be subject to further disciplinary actions.

The NFL announced the penalties late Thursday.

The league did not say when the teams will be fined.

The two teams cited in the ruling are the New York Giants and the Seattle Seahawks.

Both teams play in Super Bowl 50, which begins Sunday.

Both teams were fined $750,000 for taunting during the final seconds of their games in Week 10.

The Giants and Seahawks had each been fined $100,000.

The penalties are part of a $5 million settlement reached last year between the NFL and the NFL Players Association.

The other teams were also fined $500,000 each for taunts that violated rules in Week 11, when the Giants and Steelers won the Super Bowl.

The Giants and Buccaneers were fined by the league for a series of offensive taunts during a Week 14 game in which the Bucs’ coach, Dirk Koetter, called the Giants a “fucking football team.”

The Giants were also cited for tacking on an unnecessary delay of game penalty during a loss to the Colts on Dec. 28.

The penalties were part of the league’s $50 million settlement with the NFLPA, which reached a $3.6 billion settlement in August.