The 2016 world cup will be played in India, but Shakira is not the only superstar who will make the move to the city.

Here are 10 other stars who could get a crack at the biggest stage in the world.


Rihanna, Rihanna: The pop star has made a name for herself with her sexy, infectious and wildly popular songs, and it is expected she will be joined by her band, OneRepublic.


Beyonce, Beyonce: The former pop star is a big deal in the US, but her career in the UK and Europe is on a roll.

She is the top-earning pop star in the country, and the UK has been a destination for her since she first emerged on British shores.

She has been linked to a move to France.


Miley Cyrus, Miley: The 21-year-old entertainer was recently named as a potential host for the World Cup in Russia, where she has a concert scheduled this summer.

She may be a major star on the move, but she is a relative unknown in the U.S. 4.

Britney Spears, Britney: The singer has been making headlines in the past few years for her controversial and provocative music videos, and she could be a big star on her own.


Rihana, Rihana: The superstar has been crowned the first female World Cup champion and will be in attendance for the first time in Russia.

She will also host a show for the women’s soccer team.


Lady Gaga, Lady Gaga: Gaga will be one of the stars in the United States and is a major force in the pop music world, so she will likely be in the spotlight during the game.

Gaga has also made headlines for her provocative fashion choices, and could make a big splash.


Britneys Spears, Lady Spears: The 19-year old singer is an international phenomenon and a major pop star who is already making a name in the States.

She was one of Britney’s biggest hits in 2016, and is also expected to make a major impact during the tournament.


Justin Bieber, Justin Bieber: The teen sensation will likely make a splash in the international market as he is currently touring the world for his new single, “Sorry.”

He could also be in a position to get involved with the game, which is already stacked with top stars. 9.

Beyoncé, Beyoncé: The Beyoncé singer will be the host for a number of games in the future, including the Women’s World Cup, and her music is expected to be heard throughout the World’s Fair in 2020.


Selena Gomez, Selena: The 25-year ave singer has a lucrative and popular career in music, and fans will be hoping that her career will continue in the sport.

She could make an impact during a World Cup.