The NHL’s World Cup of Hockey has been a major source of excitement for hockey fans across the country, and the event is set to have a lot to do with how we’re going to look at hockey in 2020.

The 2016 event was originally scheduled to take place in Montreal, but was moved to Anaheim because of the pandemic.

It will also feature an exhibition game, two games in five nights and a Stanley Cup final in the NHL All-Star Classic, a tournament that is slated to take up the entirety of the NHL calendar.

The schedule is set.

But if the NHL wants to get the event right, it will have to make sure that the tournament is as accessible as possible for the fans that are attending.

That means the league needs to make the tournament a little bit easier for fans to get into.

To that end, the league has been working with some of the top sports leagues in the world to make some adjustments to the schedule.

The league has already begun making some changes to the NHL schedule.

The tournament will not include the All-Stars on the second night of the tournament, which has left fans of the game with a little extra time to watch their favorite teams.

The tournament will be played in late September, and will begin with the NHL Classic.

The league will also expand the event to include the Stanley Cup Final, which will take place on the third and final night of its tournament.

The first game in the tournament will take on the Anaheim Ducks on Friday, Sept. 20.

The game will be the Ducks’ first appearance in the All