KABADI: A World Cup anthem has been recorded by a young woman, and it is not easy to follow.

The young woman is a talented singer, but her talent has been squandered by the government, who have blocked her from performing at international sporting events.

She wants to do something about it.

Her song, “World Cup World”, was sung at a recent World Cup ceremony in Pakistan, which is celebrating its 100th anniversary.

The song was created by an 18-year-old woman from a small village in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province, but was blocked by the local government.

Her voice is strong and powerful and she’s a singer who has made an impact in her village.

“I’ve been singing since I was about six years old.

I think I’m really good at singing and I sing in my village,” she told Al Jazeera.”

The local people like it, the elders like it.

I used to sing for the elders when I was in school and the village used to come and hear it,” she said.”

They used to sit and sing along.

The elders used to say, ‘It’s the World Championship’ [singing it].”

I remember the song, and I remember crying when I sang it.

“This is my first time singing at an international sporting event, and to me, it’s a big honour.”

She was invited to the ceremony, and she took the opportunity to sing a few words to her village leaders.

“When I sang that, I thought it was very good, and we said it’s good.

But when I went to the local authorities and said, ‘I want to sing this, can I sing it?’ they said it is against the law to sing that,” she recalled.”

But I was happy that they agreed, and they asked for my permission to sing it.

It was not easy, because the elders said it was against their culture and traditions, but I was OK with that.”

But her performance did not go over well with some of the elders, who said the song was not fit for the occasion.

“My elders are a bit religious, and in the case of the World cup, they don’t like singing about religion.

They think that it is disrespectful,” she explained.”

It’s not that I think the World Cups are religious events.

I’m not religious, but they think that I should sing about this, this, and this.

It’s not a good time to sing about religion.”

A local government official said that if she sang the World Cup World chant at the ceremony it would be banned from future international sporting venues.

“If I sing a World Cup World chant in the future, the song will be banned,” the official said.

The World Cup is not the only international sporting competition that the young woman has sung at.

She has also sung at the FIFA World Cup in Russia and the CONCACAF World Cup Finals in Panama, both of which are held in South America.

“For me, the World Championships are the biggest events in the world.

I want to go to them every year, so I’ve been doing the World World Cup,” she added.”

And I’m sure there will be some of my family that will be able to see it, and so will the elders.”

The young woman’s success has been remarkable and has earned her praise from other locals.

“Even if it’s only five minutes of singing, it will be a big success.

I hope she gets a big chance to sing at the World championships and it will help her in the village,” said a local resident, who did not want to be named.”

She’s really talented and I know she’s going to be great.

It will help the villagers and the villagers will benefit from her.”

But there is concern that the song might offend some local residents.

“There is no problem with this.

I do not think it is right, because it’s against our traditions.

We should sing this and that, but if it is done outside, we will be punished,” the resident said.’

I want the world to hear me’The singer is not alone.

Other local singers have taken to social media to express their frustration with the government’s decision.

“Why have you blocked me from singing the WorldCupWorld chant?” one of the singers wrote on Facebook.

“What’s wrong with singing World CupWorldWorld?

Why are you blocking me from the WorldcupWorldWorld?” another wrote.”

We want you to hear us, not sing us out of existence,” another wrote on Twitter.”

Do you really want me to sing World CupCup World World, when it is the only song I can sing in the whole world?” asked another.

The young man’s protest against the government has not been welcomed by the official government.

“Unfortunately, the state government does not care about music, so