Can you name every single venue in the world’s biggest soccer tournament?

Well, not so fast.

The 2018 FIFA World Cup, held in Qatar, has just three venues in the US, which are: a World Cup stadium in Kansas City, Missouri; a World Series stadium in Cleveland, Ohio; and the stadium in Houston, Texas.

That’s it.

And while the first two venues have sold out for all three games, the stadium is expected to fill up even faster, and tickets will likely sell out in advance. 

The World Cup has been sold out in many markets around the world.

The stadiums in the United States and the United Kingdom have not yet sold out, but they will.

Here are the best and worst-case scenarios for the 2018 World Cup: USA (8/10): The 2018 World Cups will be held in the city that has the most fans, the USA.

There is no shortage of fans here, but only four stadiums have sold-out in their entirety, the New York Cosmos’ Red Bull Arena, and the Stade de France in Paris, France.

The stadium in the UK has not yet been sold-outs, but tickets will be on sale. 

Canada (7.5/10) The most popular stadium in Canada, the BC Place Stadium in Vancouver, will be the biggest venue to sell out, with fans able to go in advance of the game.

Tickets for the Canada vs. Ghana game in Vancouver will sell out within two hours. 

England (6.5) England is expected be one of the most popular nations in the tournament.

The venue is expected not to sell-out, and ticket sales will likely go fast. 

France (5.5): France is the most likely host nation.

The French national team has not played a game since June 2018.

The game will be played at a venue in Paris that is expected sell-outs. 

Germany (4.5), (3.5)- (2.5-) (1.5-1.7) (0.5+) (Germany) It is still a bit early to know how well the 2018 FIFA world cup will sell-in, but it is clear that the fans in Germany, where the Bundesliga will be playing, are a big draw.

The Bundesliga will host both the 2019 and 2020 World Cups. USA (2.2) In the USA, the 2018 version of the World Cup will be one more game away.

Tickets will go on sale in two weeks. 

Brazil (14.5)* Brazil is the least popular country in the country.

The national team is currently playing at home and not having much impact on the popularity of the FIFA world Cup, but fans in Brazil have been selling out venues and stadiums across the country in advance for months. 

Mexico (11.5)(9.5, 9.5 with Mexico) Mexico will host the 2019 World Cup and the 2020 World Cup.

The country has one of most successful national teams in world football, with two World Cups and the Copa América in which they have defeated Colombia, Argentina and Uruguay, among others.

The Copa is being played in Rio de Janeiro and there is a good chance that Mexico will win the tournament, with the winner likely to be the host country for the 2019 FIFA World Cups in Brazil and the 2022 FIFA World Games in Russia. 

Japan (9.2, 8.8, 8 with Japan) Japan will host all three World Cups, and is expected have one of its most popular stadiums to sell.

Tickets should be available to buy within the next two weeks, and there are some tickets available at the Japanese Consulate in Houston. 

Spain (10.3)(8.4) Spain will host two World Cup games, with one of them being a home game against England in 2019. 

United States (12.4)(11.2)(10.8) United State fans are going to have a great chance to see the best players in the World.

Tickets can be purchased in advance, and should be on the market within the week. Australia (13.3) Australia has a lot of games on its calendar this year, but a World War II Memorial Stadium is not one of those.

The Sydney Cricket Ground will be sold out of tickets, but there are tickets available for all home matches. 

Italy (18.4, 17.8)* Italy has a World Rugby World Cup on the horizon.

The Italian Rugby Union is hosting the 2019 tournament in Italy, which means tickets will go fast for the next World Cup in 2020. 

Belgium (19.4)* Belgian fans will be looking forward to watching the Euro 2020 soccer tournament this year. 

Croatia (15.5