Posted July 07, 2018 17:13:38 An 18-year-old student who went to a Melbourne public school with a group of friends to play a video game that has become a social media sensation is urging school staff to “stop making a mockery of the role of the school” in educating students.

Key points:One student who had her game banned is demanding an apology from Melbourne public schoolsThe student says she’s angry because the school “isnt really interested in teaching” about the role that women play in societyThe teenager, who wants to remain anonymous, is calling for an apology to the school after a video of her playing the game was posted online.

She says her game has sparked a “trend” in the public eye, with people saying she should be arrested and a petition launched to have her video removed from school property.

“I don, I dont want my child to go into a school where theyre not safe and safe,” she said.

“Theyre not teaching the value of a woman and not teaching them to respect women.”

It’s really messed up.

I think it’s the worst thing that could happen.

“Weve got to stop this trend of making a joke out of the concept of education, and that’s not the school that I’m going to go in.”‘

They need to stop making a parody’The video has been viewed more than 6 million times and has sparked widespread outrage among students, teachers and parents.

“What I’m getting a lot of is people saying that I shouldn’t be there because I’m making a video and they need to take it down,” she told 7.30.

“This is such a serious issue.

I’m angry because I don’t think that’s what the school is interested in.”

The teenager is now urging the school to stop “making a mockery” of the education they are trying to provide and to “recognise” the role women play.

“You can’t make this a joke and just laugh at the whole thing,” she says.

“But I don, it’s got to change.”

The video sparked a wave of comments online from people saying the video was inappropriate and that teachers should be “expelled” for it.

The student also says she is angry that the school was not “excluded” from the video and that there were no consequences.

“At least we are aware of the fact that this is a serious thing that has been going on and I just don’t feel like the school have really been able to do anything about it,” she added.

The video is a part of a wider campaign to teach children the role and values of women in society, and has gone viral on social media.’

Not all boys are rapists’The student’s video has attracted more than 30,000 views and more than 40,000 comments online.

“If I wanted to go and have a game like that, it should be a boy’s game,” she explains.

“Not all men are rapists.

I’ve seen girls get raped on the playground, but that’s just the tip of the iceberg.”

A lot of times the victims don’t realise it’s not them, they just think they are.”‘

It was just a joke’The teacher says the video has sparked debate around the role gender plays in society.”

The reality is it wasn’t just a game. “

Others are saying because it was a joke, it doesn’t mean it’s OK.”

The reality is it wasn’t just a game.

It was just an idea and a joke.

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