A list of the best PS4 games available on PSN in September, which are available for download in the UK.

 The games are listed in the order they were released, with the best titles from the week before being listed in a new, slightly different order. 

For those unfamiliar with the system, the best title from each week of September is displayed in red, the second-best title in orange, and so on.

The best PS3 games are displayed in the blue section, while the best Xbox 360 games are shown in the red section.

The list is split into four categories: the PS4 exclusive games, which have been released in the past two weeks; the Xbox One exclusives, which were released during the same period; the PS Vita exclusives which were only released during this time; and the PS3 exclusives from other platforms.

Here are the top-ranked PS4 exclusives of September: