CHILE WORLD CUP – World Cup 2022 is the most popular event in Chile, with the number of people watching it reaching its highest level in more than five decades, according to an official survey.

The Chilean Football Federation (CONFEM) said it had recorded 1.8 million viewers, making it the third most watched football event in the country in a decade.

More than a million Chileans watched the final match between Chile and Argentina in Santiago.

The CONFEM’s World Cup viewership data is based on a survey of 1,000 Chileans, which was conducted on May 1.

The survey showed that more than one in five Chileans were watching the Chile vs. Argentina match on TV, while almost one in three watched it live.

The average age of Chileans watching the match was 30 years old.

The median age of the Chileans surveyed was 29 years old, the CONFAM said.

More Chileans viewed the Chile-Argentina match live on social media than any other match in history, with almost one third of Chile-watching Chileans sharing their opinion on social platforms.

In Chile, the World Cup is played in Santiago, Chile.

Chile is also the birthplace of the Chilean flag.

More people watched the Chile v Argentina match live in Santiago than any previous World Cup match in the past three years.

The most popular sport on social networks was football, with about 1.3 million Chile-watched matches.

More Chilean people watched live on Facebook than any of the other social media platforms.

The majority of Chileis watched the match on Facebook, followed by soccer.

The largest number of Chilean people watched it on Instagram, followed closely by cricket.

The Chile-Belgium game was the most watched live online in Chile.