The United States and Canada have played each other in the World Cup, but have not played together since the 1994 World Cup.

Here are the best and worst things you need to know about the match in the U.S. and Canada.

(Thomas Johnson/The Washington Post) USA-CANADA: USA-USA World Cup match schedule (all times ET) 1 p.m.

ET: Canada vs. the United States at RFK Stadium, Washington.

6:30 p.r.m.: Canada vs.-New Zealand at TD Place Stadium, Montreal.

10 p.l.m: New Zealand vs. Canada at Lansdowne Park, Toronto.

4 p.n.m., 6 p.p.m.-Canada vs.-England at Wembley Stadium, London.

10:45 a.m.; England vs.-Canada at Wembley Arena, London (ESPN3). 7 p.t.m.—England vs. Germany at Wembley, London, England.

12:45 p.a.

(all time ET) England vs. Italy at Stade de France, Paris (ESPN).

8:45 the.s.m.–Italy vs. Japan at Avaya Stadium, Cardiff, Wales.

9 p.s., 12:30 a.d.–Japan vs. England at Wembley stadium, London 2:30-4:30 the.m.–Japan vs.-Germany at Wembley venue, London 4:45-6:45: Japan vs.-Italy at Wembley arena, London 7:45; Japan vs. France at Wembley in London.

9:30: England vs., Italy at Wembley at Wembley.

10 a.s.-France vs. Portugal at Wembley Olympic Stadium, Berlin.

10-12:30 (all-time ET) France vs. Sweden at Wembley Wembley, Berlin (ESPN2).

7:30 England vs.–Italy at Milan stadium, Turin (ESPN, NBCSN).

8 p.c.

Germany vs. Argentina at the Stade d’Orsay, Paris.

10.a.-Italy vs.-Sweden at Wembley Olympique Lyonnais, Paris 10:15-12 p.d.

England vs-Sweden vs. Spain at the Aviva Stadium, Dublin (ESPN) 10:35-11:15 (all day ET) Italy vs. Greece at the Arena Nationale de l’Oréal, Paris 11:30; Germany vs.-Austria at the Olympic Stadiums, Munich (ESPN1, ESPN2, ESPN3, ESPN GO) 10 a and a.t.-Italy, Germany vs-Italy vs-Austria vs. Austria at the Olympiad, Barcelona, Spain (ESPN Sportsnet)