Soccer fans across the globe are eagerly awaiting the 2019 World Cup, with the tournament set to be held in a city-state that is home to a number of the sport’s biggest stars.

While there is little question that FIFA will use the tournament as a showcase for its best players, it also will be a time for some of the world’s lesser-known players to shine.

Here are five players who will make the cut for the 2019 tournament.

[ESPN] 1.

Kasey Keller, New Zealand, defender 2.

Nicklas Bendtner, Germany, forward 3.

Fabian Johnson, Germany 3.

David Villa, England, goalkeeper 4.

Aleksandar Kolarov, Russia, forward 5.

Alejandro Bedoya, Colombia, midfielder With the World Cup looming, it is no surprise that there are a number a notable names to be included in the tournament’s World Cup roster.

Nickolas Bendtners is the biggest name to have been selected by FIFA, and he is a natural defender with great ball control and a strong left-footed shot.

He will have the support of teammate Fabian Bébé, who has the experience to play at a higher level.

Also in the mix are two England players, Kase and Nicklas, who will be playing their first internationals at the same time.

However, the real star of the show will be Nicklas Kolarow, who is a forward with the world-class skills to become a regular in the top leagues.

Kolaro will be looking to make an impression as the first player in his family to score a goal in World Cup qualifying.

[NBC Sports] 2.

Diego Simeone, Spain, head coach of Chile 3.

Joao Pessoa, Brazil, captain of Portugal 4.

João Moutinho, Portugal 5.

Marcelo Sarvas, Uruguay Simeones ability to lead a team in all areas of the game will certainly be a plus for Chile, as well as the Portuguese, who have an incredible depth at the back.

The Brazilian has been in charge for much of the past two seasons, and will have a huge influence on the future of the club.

Mouto, who made his debut for Brazil in the World T20 in 2015, is also a quality player who is likely to be in contention for the Golden Boot.

[Sports Illustrated] 3.

Toni Kroos, Germany 4.

Mario Gotze, Germany 5.

Mesut Özil, Arsenal 4.

Neymar, Brazil 6.

Thiago Alcântara, Spain 7.

Lionel Messi, Argentina 8.

Sergio Ramos, Spain 9.

David Silva, Brazil 10.

Sergio Busquets, Spain 11.

Luis Suarez, Uruguay 12.

Zlatan Ibrahimovic, Sweden 13.

Arjen Robben, Netherlands 14. Sergio Agüero, Spain 15.

Kevin De Bruyne, Belgium 16.

Nolito, France The biggest surprise for Germany, however, is the inclusion of Mario Gotzes, the world No.1, who scored an incredible 39 goals last season.

The Dutchman, who was also a key figure in the 2015 UEFA European Championships, is a highly-rated midfielder and will be joined by a strong wing, while Sergio Ramos is the only German player on this list.

Neymars star will be the goal scorer of the side.

[Sport Bild] 4.

Christian Pulisic, Bosnia, forward 4.

Lukas Podolski, Poland 5.

Jérémy Gathand, France 6.

Lukaku, Japan 7.

Robert Lewandowski, Germany 8.

Thierry Henry, England 9.

Mario Mandzukic, Serbia 10.

Zdenek Zeman, Slovakia 11.

Zoran Tosic, Romania 12.

Sergio Aguero, Argentina 13.

Mario Götze, Bayern Munich 14.

Thunberg, Belgium 15.

Christian Benteke, Manchester United 16.

Kevin de Bruyne 16.

Thijs de Vries 17.

Christian Atsu 18.

Kevin Mirallas 19.

Yannick Djourou 20.

Kevin Strootman The big names from Belgium, Portugal, Germany and France will be among the players vying for the number one spot.

Lukás Podolsks goals in the UEFA Euro 2020 final and the 2018 FIFA World Championship are still some of his best performances, and his consistency with the ball will be key to his selection for the team.

Thiére Siqueira will be leading Bosnia, as will Yannou Djouroub.

Atsuné M’Vila is one of the biggest names in the Bosnian game, but his consistency in front of goal will be crucial to his chances to shine in the final.

[Fifa] 5.

Romelu Lukaku , Chelsea, striker 5.

Christian Eriksen, Borussia Dortmund, forward 6.

David de Gea, Manchester City, goalkeeper 7